Working Together
to Influence the Future

Schools of Influence Education Foundation is committed to working constructively with Knox County Schools and partnering with other entities interested in creating excellent schools and educational initiatives. Urban Land Scouts features partnerships with Tomato Head (food), Cruze Dairy Farm (milk), and Community Television of Knoxville, as well as interested individuals. You too can support Urban Land Scouts via PayPal!

Influencing the
Practice of Education

The mission of the more applied branch of SOIEF is to sponsor educational initiatives influencing student lives and the broader educational system. The interests of Schools of Influence Education Foundation include Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum within the context of a liberal arts education, as well as student internships and project-based learning as research-based strategies for student engagement in their own learning.

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Influencing the Educational
Research Community

The mission of this more theoretical branch of SOIEF is to foster relational networks among researchers applying theoretical principles of complex systems developed in academic disciplines as diverse as Environmental Science, Computer Science, and Economics to the specific social phenomenon of education systems. The purposes of this research community are to form a sound theoretical framework for effective models of sustainable school development, including effective feedback mechanisms and accountability structures, and to inform state and national education policy.